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    WordPress website build needed.

    WordPress website build needed.

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    Project description:

    urrent site can be seen at: www dot sjstparish dot org
    I need to update the site to make it look neater, cleaner and nicer.
    Your design input will be welcome.

    The site will have 4 main components and several sub components.
    Almost all the current content will need to be copied. (not the layout or format).
    Top level will be Parish, School, Religious Education and Sports.
    Each component has different requirements.

    There will be Calendars on each (from different Google Calendar accounts) that should be able to toggle 1,2,3 or all 4 calendars. And toggle between List or Calendar view.

    For each, an area for NEWS if and only if there is news (selectable timeline)

    For the Parish,
    Page containing current and past bulletins (PDFs) – need to be able to open or download.
    A simple slider
    Daily readings (probably on HOME page) scraped from on click, opens in new window for each Reading, Responsorial Psalm, Gospel

    For the School.
    Main page to have current events
    A page for each teacher to input assignments and schedule of exams and quizzes (each page must be individually password protected)
    On each TEACHER page, the ability for teacher to add attachments for students to download and upload.

    For the Sports :
    Similar to existing pages

    For the Religious Education,
    Similar to existing pages

    Site will be built on ONE domain and a few weeks after completion, migrate to a different domain.

    Ability to view/print/sort by different filters and views.

    Need site delivered complete in 10 days

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